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The Front Line Is Everything.

Choose Wisely.

Assess for the best.  Weed out the rest.


Specifically researched and designed just for us- the senior living industry.  We've taken the best-of-the-best front line staff, tested them, studied them, and know how to clone them, and measured more than 4200+ job applicants against the best. LESS THEN 30% OF JOB APPLICANTS ALIGN WITH THE BEST-OF-THE-BEST.  STOP HIRING BLINDLY.


This first-ever tool is an occupancy secret weapon:  fill a community with people who emulate your best people and you've created a place where people want to live. It works and we will show you how.

After three years of research identifying the motivations and values of top front line talent, the HireIMPACT™ enables hiring supervisors to instantly select candidates that mirror their best people and do it with valid, reliable SCIENCE.  Our research has included more than 1000+ Executive Directors, 300+ regional and VP operators, ALFA Hero Award winners, high GPA nursing students, and more than 2000 top talent employees.  

We have finally discovered the "DNA" that of great front line people.  We won't share the secret, but we will share the assessment and the impact it will have on you, your residents and your results.



*Study of Top Performers identified by Operators and

Argentum's Hero Award Winners against an applicant pool of 4200+


They know everything about your residents and knowledge is power.
Happy and engaged residents who tell all their friends about your communities rest in the hands of your front line.
So does your BRAND.

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The HireIMPACT Report

(Front Line only)

We hear our Partners and we continually develop and customize our assessments to their needs.  Just contact us.

Sample Report

The traffic light indicator has been replaced with a new dashboard icon that allows for a significant expansion of the of the alignment categories.  The reports now provide six (vs. three) degrees of alignment, indicating how closely aligned an applicant is to the best.


We realize your company's culture is unique and your definition of the best people is also unique to your organization.  As our valued partner, we can now customize the HireIMPACT to your company by assessing and analyzing your top talent.  Going forward, all applicants will be measured against your best people (vs. our national database).

Web portal

We believe in making things simple and easy because we've walked in your shoes as senior living operators. We designed the HireIMPACT as a URL system (web-based) and continually improve the user experience.  We are proud to announce the newly redesigned web-based assessment system, designed with our partners' time and productivity in mind.  Log into your account and take a look around!


The behavior based interview questions have been completely revamped, expanded to accommodate the six degrees of alignment, and embellished with interviewer tips and hints on what to really listen for and what to probe.  The overall report, including the interview questions, when signed by the hiring supervisor and placed in personnel files provide an added perk when the state shows up for survey.

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