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"...40% INCREASE IN NOI   SPEAKS FOR ITSELF."  - Chief Operating Officer 

What Our Clients  Say

Our Clients

After many years of being exposed to Jill through ALFA and other industry resources, the opportunity to partner with her and her team has been outstanding.  Having worked with various strategy and quality/continuous improvement consultants over my almost 20 years in senior living, I can say that the combination of Jill’s “people centric” senior living industry experience and passion combined with Jeffery’s GE, Six Sigma process focus has been just what we needed to help quickly generate results at Commonwealth.  Not only are we driving forward improvements that will enhance our bottom line, but we are doing it in a way that starts with the front line employee, and with enthusiastic buy in at all levels of the organization.  This gives me much greater confidence that our improvements will be sustainable and build upon themselves."  

Earl P.

- Chief Operating Officer

You had a significant positive impact on me and our community in 2015.  I had the right vision, but you equipped me with more knowledge, tools and spark to accomplish it.  You also facilitated buy-in from corporate, which empowered me and my team.  With that being said, our occupancy was at 87% prior to your arrival, and after IMPACT we were able to end the year @ 95% six months later!  Thank you for helping me and my community.

Joseph C.

- Executive Director, Florida

These are the words that come to mind when I think of Jill (and her team) results-oriented, fast, focused, expert, and a pleasure to work with.  Due to Jill's extensive experience, she gets the big picture of our business and drills down with speed and focus to bring immediate results to the bottom line.

Catherine A.


Jill and her team played a key role in helping us determine who we are as a company and developing and implementing a plan to take us to the next level.  Having their outside perspective and honest feedback enabled us to rapidly diagnose our barriers and make quick decisions to get us on the right path.  

Six months later the results speak for themselves."        

Richard B.

-CEO, Mid-Atlantic

Just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed the training I've been in since I started here.  You bring a whole different level of professionalism and talent to the understanding of business.  Once you find a talented organization such as yours, a trust builds and also a believing in the people teaching!"

Bob R.

-VP, Dining Services

SLNOI’s IMPACT sessions ignited rapid change and resulted in immediate growth in occupancy. Their resident-centered approach coupled with a focus on a pro-employee culture, while taking a very honest and in-depth look at The whole business delivered immediate results. Within three months post IMPACT, my most census challenged property has experienced 35% growth in occupancy, net of 20 residents. A a RVP of Sales with over fifteen years of industry experience, it has been a pleasure and privilege to work with seasoned professionals who truly understand high occupancy and profit is the outcome of culture. Thank you Jill and Jeffery for being instrumental in creating a culture that delivers success.


Rhonda D.

Regional VP of Sales, Mid-Atlantic

Jill is an intelligent, dynamic leader. She has the ability to get you to deliver a level of professional excellence that you otherwise thought you could not reach. All the while creating an environment that is safe, creative and energized. She is infectious.

Phyllis D.

- Executive Director, Northeast

I can honestly say that the HireImpact assessment has not only changed the way I hire but it has improved my entire team. For the first time it is not just a guess. The HireIMPACT has proven over and over that it is a
tool that I would not want to be without when hiring. By using this assessment and hiring the right people my team is working together and supporting each other. The feeling in my community has changed, my census
has jumped by leaps and bounds, my NOI has increased, and families have expressed their love of our community. I would highly recommend this assessment tool to all employers!

Maryanne L.

-Regional Director, Mid-Atlantic

My goodness!!!  We can’t believe it!!!!  WHAT AN IMPACT!!!!!  For the first time in [our community's] history, we are at 100% occupancy at our new licensed capacity!!!  TEAM, WE did it!!!!!!!!!!!  Our July 15, 2014 Impact goal was [# residents] with NO available beds to sell……  WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you TEAM for the challenge, push, motivation, tension, support and 3 days of “brutal” war room meetings!!!!! It was ALL worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony B.

- Executive Director, Mid-Atlantic

HONESTLY, when they initially announced that your team was coming in, my initial thought was, “fantastic, some suits that don’t really care, coming in to stir the pot”.  And then, there YOU were!  Excited and no nonsense.  I am so glad I was wrong.  From your initial introduction, I felt guilty about making that assumption.  Your energy, honesty and sincerity truly come through 110%.  Your enthusiasm helps us to be excited about where things are going. I have stayed because of the potential I see here, not only for myself, but for the company as a whole.  I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.  I owe a big part of that comfort level to (the CEO) for bringing SLNOI in!  THANK YOU!" 

Ann N.

- Project Coordinator, Midwest

Just wanted to let you both know that Monday we will be at 83!!! We have formed the BEST team. __________ is the RCD now. We added _________- an awesome assistant for her. ________________ was promoted to the SM coordinator (Top Talent), _____________ is awesome at the Cottage Coordinator also Top Talent. 

All of our team is positive even when we all have bad days.  Thank you for your guidance and honesty last year.  I often repeat many of the words you used, the most important one is VALUE!

I'm working up to the point of calling BS when it warrants.:)

Dierdre L.

-Executive Director, Mid-Atlantic

The HireIMPACT has helped set us apart from our peers. Most companies either do not use any type of scientific instrument/assessment or they use something outdated. The HireIMPACT is an exceptional tool that is easy to implement, is reasonably priced, and will give you (the hiring manager) insight into a person BEFORE you hire them. It can either validate what you learned in the interview process, or make your next interview laser-focused on a red flag area. We use it as both a hiring tool and a marketing tool. Our families know we only recruit the very best and there is science behind our decisions. Honestly, it is shocking that our competitors aren't using it.  

Tommy C.

- VP, Human Resources, Mid-Atlantic

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